Project for Developing Innovation Systems
"Creation of innovation centers for advanced interdisciplinary research areas"

Project Title:
Collaborative Research Center of Excellence for Nano-Quantum Information Electronics

[Innovation center promotion plan]

[Targets within the first 3 years]
We will promote the improvement of quantum-dot light sources for demonstrating the possibilities in real applications and will promote the development of basic technologies for post-CMOS era. We will also develop basic technologies for quantum-state-controlled devices including single photon emitters for the purpose of demonstrating quantum-cryptography communication systems.We will establish the Nano-Quantum Electronics Collaborative Research Center as a core organization for research and education in this proposal. In this center, Todai-Industry Labs will be established for promoting T-type collaborations between academia and industries. We will start a new program for educating researchers who will be able to manage advanced researches on nanotechnologies, quantum sciences, and hardware technologies for IT with a wide horizon. In addition, we will introduce a flexible employment system based on their efforts. The treatment of intellectual properties will be improved if necessary.

[Targets within the next 4 years]
We will aim to demonstrate quantum-cryptography communication with developed quantum-state-controlled devices. Furthermore, we will promote fundamental researches on such as quantum repeaters towards quantum networking. We will innovate on IT hardware technologies through developments of quantum-dot optical devices. Post-CMOS technologies and integration technologies of electron and photonic devices will be established.In the Nano-Quantum Electronic Collaborative Research Center, T-type collaborations and education programs will be accelerated. If necessary, we expand/change the organization for further developments in researches and in educations. In addition, the flexible employment system based on their efforts and the treatment of intellectual properties will be reexamined and will be modified if necessary.

[Targets within the last 3 years]
We will establish quantum-cryptography networking technology with quantum repeaters and will demonstrate a possibility of practical use of a small-scale quantum computing system.Characteristics of quantum-dot optical devise will be further improved. In addition, we will develop prototype devices based on post-CMOS technologies and integration technologies of electron and photonic devices for practical applications. Research organization and education scheme in the Nano-Quantum Electronic Collaborative Research Center will be further optimized for further successful achievements.<After this project>We are expecting that most fundamental research topics on nano-quantum electronics will be shifted to the development stages and that novel technologies including quantum computing will be newly topics for industry-academia collaborations. Therefore, it will be quit important to keep and to manage the core research center continually. For example, we expand and reestablish the Nano-Quantum Electronic Collaborative Research Center as one of organizations in the University of Tokyo. This center will be further developed as a core center for seamless collaborations between academia and industries on fundamental, development, and practical researches. This center will keep in contributing to the encouragements for young talents, especially for graduate students.