On Friday, April 4, NanoQuine held the 20th Nano Quantum Information Electronics Seminar in the Main Conference Room of Building An, Komaba Research Campus. In his talk entitled “Coherent Computing by OPO Phase Transition”, Prof. Yoshihisa Yamamoto (RIKEN) discussed how coherent computing based on laser/OPO phase transition can be a powerful tool for solving combinatorial problems as an Ising machine. The aim is to create a scalable system using fibre-based OPO.

In the latter half of the lecture titled “Concept of COI center “Innovation center by coherent photon technology”” by Prof. Makoto Gonokami, as a concept of COI center which is mainly promoted in Graduate School of Science, he proposed a new perspective of industry-university collaboration which can contribute to industrial innovation from the standpoint of basic science research, while laying out the past history of laser science.

This was the first nano-quantum seminar in a long time, and the hall was filled to capacity with a lively question and answer session, which exceeded the scheduled time.