Research Divisions and Subjects

NanoQuine aims to explore and develop advanced technologies, such as quantum dot lasers and single-photon sources, to establish information networks with ultra broadband, ultra-high security, and ultra-high energy efficiencies for the information society as well as efficient energyconversion technology for global environmental issues. Another focus of our research is the application of organic transistors to advanced flexible electronics and optoelectronics.

Quantum cryptography and quantum repeaters are also being developed for creating quantum information and communication networks with ultra-high security. Furthermore, the basic quantum science and technologies are investigated for future quantum computing technologies. For these purposes, three divisions have been established to promote collaborative research.

In this division, we develop high-performance, diverse nanoelectronic devices through nanotechnologies, such as quantum dots and photonic crystals. We also target advancements in organic CMOS integrated circuits to realize flexible electronics. We also focus on the development of silicon photonics and photovoltaics.

Our mission is to promote innovation in information network technology, using nano quantum electronics. We improve qualities of quantum information devices, such as single-photon sources and quantum entanglement technologies, and demonstrate high-quality quantum cryptography communication systems using quantum teleportation and repeaters. We also target basic technologies of quantum computing devices.

We study the fundamental sciences of nano quantum information electronics and advanced nano-technologies. In particular, we examine the sophisticated control of quantum states, improvements in crystal growth techniques, nano-scale device fabrication, and quantum mechanics in quantum dots. We also study quantum computation.